2006-02-25 1258 Opinion: == He said…….. I said == . . .

He said…….. I said

Jim said:

One of the things that has amazed me about some in the peace movement is the insistence that we have a dialog with with our enemies. How can you have a dialog with people who chant “nuke nuke USA” and “Death to US”. The Islamofacist community doesn’t want to talk, they want to fight.

I replied:

I think that when they see the US kill their children, destroy their places of worship, and torture and murder their sons they might just have a reason to be a little bit annoyed, don’t you?

The thing is that violence is never a route to peace. What we see in Iraq is a cancer of the US’s making. It’s going to spread, and innocent people are dying on both sides as a result. For every death there is an angry brother, sister or friend willing to kill out of vengeance as a result. A hundred years of terrorism in Ireland should have shown that, but our current politicians do not listen to history.

Talk to your enemies, because you have to. It takes courage to talk. It is cowardice to send more innocent children to their deaths.

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