2006-02-25 0930 Opinion: == Unfinished Sympathy == (Damn that's a good title) We watched a program about the . . .

Unfinished Sympathy

(Damn that’s a good title)

We watched a program about the Embarrassing ‘80s last night. It was one of those “top 100 lists” type programs that give an excuse for desperate Z-list celebs to get on the screen and voice an opinion.

It was fun to look back at the terrifically excessive 1980s where shoulder pads, Lycra and leg warmers ruled the earth. I’m guessing that the 1980s was the one decade where it would be difficult to limit the list to just 100 embarrassments. The 1970s had just two embarrassing things: mullets and George Best. Both are now thankfully dead. The 90’s were just way too dull. The most embarrassing thing about that particular decade was the music. All of it. The 90s had The Worst Music Ever.

This decade (naughties? zeroes?) is a likely contender for the Most Embarrassing Decade, ever, and it’s not even over yet. The 70s had The Thatchers (Margaret, Dennis and their son Mark) all of whom were very, very embarrassing for different reasons. Margaret because we voted the most Evil Woman Ever as dictator, Dennis because he was a walking caricature and Mark because he was both rich and stupid. That’s one heck of a gene pool, folks.

In this decade we have lapdog Tony Blair the embarrassment of a PM and true comedy politics where all other parties are playing the game of Swap the Leader. It says something when the BNP are taken more seriously than the Conservatives. Now, that’s embarrassing!

Where the 70s had novelty singles by the truckload, we’ve had Crazy Frog. Thank heaven for small mercies. They had Lycra, we have thongs pulled above the belt line. What is all that about? They had Boy George. We have Pete Burns. Damn. I prefered Boy George! They had the Celebrity Squares, we have Celebrity Big Brother. Come back 1970, all is forgiven!

According to the program, the number one embarrassment from the 80s was Michael Fish the weatherman failing to warn about a hurricane hitting the south of England. I have a lot of sympathy for Michael (hence the title of this post – got there in the end!). This was the era of the C5, Timmy Mallet, The Colbys and Minipops. Michael’s one slipup shouldn’t even be on the scale. Technically, it wasn’t even a hurricane, just a very, very windy storm, but that’s splitting hairs really. Michael’s a nice guy. Leave him alone, ok?

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