2006-02-23 0803 Lifestuff: == Minor Brain Surgery == (Because I've only got a lickle brain) [[image . . .

Minor Brain Surgery

(Because I’ve only got a lickle brain)

Minor Brain Surgery

The picture above is me, post-operation. This morning I’ve been to hospital to have a lump removed from the top of my head. It’s a cyst that’s been growing for a while, then became infected. Now though, it’s gone for good.

The op took all of 30 minutes, three nurses and one surgeon. Local anaesthetic did the trick so all I could feel was tugging and pulling. Which is good.

When the doc removed it he showed me the offending critter. It was pink, angry and about the size of a large marble. Locals round these parts would have called it a “dobber”. Yes folks, I had a dobber in my head and it’s gone now.

I’ll have stitches in for 11 days then hopefully it’s no more pressure, no more itching and headaches.

Ain’t surgery grand?

Hmmmmm….maybe I should enter this in Half Nekkid Thursday. ☺

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