2006-02-22 1111 Writing:

“So, I got off the tube at Frog Innard when this woman pushed past me. I ended up with her umbrella on my arm. Can you believe that? I ran back onto the train and tried to find her. When it stopped at Pistoleer Revolt I saw her at the end of the carriage but it was so crowded that I didn’t get to her until we’d reached Watery Towage. We both got off at Fabric Larks arm in arm. I’ve still got her umbrella. It’s how she’s going to recognise me when we meet up tonight just outside New Queasy.”

Here’s a very, very cool London Underground map with anagrams of the station names. Strange, evocative and perfect for story writers everywhere.

Update: The map is down with the message

Content removed at the request of Healeys Solicitors acting on behalf of Transport for London and Transport Trading Ltd

I’m checking my cache now……

Update 2: I have a copy from my cache. I’ve emailed the creator to see if he wants it hosting someplace else.

Update 3: The guy who created the London Underground Anagram map has posted it here: http://www.hometown.aol.com/stationanagrams/. He’s thinking about revising it to take out any logos, the Underground zones, to separate it from any possible trademark infringement. I’m also mirroring it here.
Update 4: Picked up by BoingBoing.

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