2006-02-19 1005 Photography: Proud to be……..

Proud to be……..

Proud to be........

Not mine, because I’m not, but clearly belonging to someone who is. Proud to be British that is.

Either that or their favourite movie is The Italian Job.

A little perspective for American viewers: here in the UK having a flag in your garden is extremely rare, usually reserved for the Paramilitary wing of the Ultra-Patriotic. This is unlike the US where it’s pretty much the done thing. I secretly suspect having a US flag in your garden is also a symbol that means “I am not a communist”. In the UK having a flag in your garden more is more likely to mean “I am a fascist”. But there you go. Each to their own, eh?

*Disclaimer: Not that I’m saying that the person who lives in this particular house is a fascist, of course. They might easily be the exception and be lovely people who like anyone. So please don’t kill me.

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