2006-02-17 0842 Photography: == Life in black and white == I was awake until around 3am last night reading Black and White . . .

Life in black and white

I was awake until around 3am last night reading Black and White Photography, an excellent magazine here in the UK. Unlike most other photomags, there are few (if any) product reviews, no “stunning” shots of over-saturated and over-sharpened landscapes and hardly any mention of Photoshop at all.

It’s a magazine about photography, not about the stuff you use to take photos. This is how it should be; imagine a Writer’s Magazine that did nothing but review pens, pencils and paper. Sounds stupid, but that’s analogous to what 98% of all photomags do.

Black and White Photography bucks that. The writers and contributors share their simple passion for the art. The look at why they take shots, and how, in a cheerfully honest “we don’t know it all but we’re learning too” way that’s refreshing in this pseudo-know-it-all industry.

It turns it’s back on many other trends too. The title gives the game away from the start. This is about Black and White images only in all their stunning textured and lit detail. I defy anyone to read this magazine and not want to take more monochrome. The retro glory goes on though – film (and home developing) is very much alive between the covers. The emphasis is much more on silver halide than digital though both, and medium and large format photography, are treated as respected co-partners where the final image is what really matters.

If you want to learn more about photography not just the latest kit, and are willing to be tempted toward mono then definitely give Black and White Photography magazine a read. It’s well worth the cover price.

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