2006-02-16 1813 Opinion: == Stand up and be counted… == …or lay down and be walked over. It's ironic that UN . . .

Stand up and be counted…

…or lay down and be walked over.

It’s ironic that UN Inspectors couldn’t find WMDs in Iraq, but have found evidence of torture by the United States.

From the report:

The report, by a team of five inspectors for the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, blasted the American government for a litany of abuses, and said that certain practices at the prison camp “must be assessed as amounting to torture.”

As to what’s meant by “torture”, forget about what you’ve seen (or think you’ve seen) on TV and in movies, this is about real and actual physical, mental and emotional abuse against a fellow human being. Take a look at the images here, here, and here.

I warn you, these are not pretty pictures, but I encourage you to click through – especially if you’re squeamish. Take a good long hard cold look at what is being done in your name.

Imagine these people are your husband, father or children. Put their faces on the bodies as they are being treated in this way without trial, without reason and without a single trace of humanity.

A call needs to go out on every blog and cut right across the Internet. George Bush must be immediately removed from office and made to face trial for the war crimes he has authorised to be carried out in the name of the United States.

Stand up and be counted. Repeat this message on your blog. Don’t be walked over.

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