It's (new) TV Time

I’ve sold one of my cameras for £30 on eBay, so after posting that to Plymouth today we called into Somerfield to do the weekly food shop. While it’s first and foremost a food shop (good, but not as good as Tescos IMHO), they do occassionally offer electrical goods for stupidly low prices. Pocket PCs with GPS for £130, mp3 players for £20, that kind of thing.

Today’s offer ranks Very High on the silly list. It’s a 20″ TV with all the usual Man Stuff (TM) – SCART, teletext, autotuning, etc – for the pricely sum of £39.99. Considering I’d just “earned” £30 from eBay, it’s a purchase that didn’t take many braincells to hit the yes button.

Somerfield. £40 for a 20″ TV. Do I need to say any more? :)

One trip back home later and the old and icky TV circa 1970 that has a distinct preference for the colour purple has gone, and the nice new silver box is in it’s place.

Picture quality is great, sound is excellent and all is well. OK, it’s no $4,000 flat screen marvel of technology, but for us, it’s perfect. And let’s face it – £40 or £4,000 it’s still the same crap you’re watching, eh?

So if you’re after a new TV here in the UK, CHEAP, go to Somerfield. But run – while we were sippin’ coffee outside we watched another four or five walk out the door.

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