2006-02-13 0835: We've been offline thanks to problems with our lovely ISP and the bank. Don't ask. Yesterday I . . .

We’ve been offline thanks to problems with our lovely ISP and the bank. Don’t ask. Yesterday I wrote a blogpost in preparation for when we would be back online. Today we’re temporarily back. This is it.

We’ll be back soon, permanently! Be good.

Dead and dying

We’ve been without connection again for a few days so it’s meant entertaining ourselves. Being netless is sometimes a good thing though – we’ve got the garden cleared and ready for spring, Christa has drawn lots of…um….drawings, and I’ve read lots and lotsa and lots. There’s still a few things to do – I really need to get my Linux box running again. It’s kinda working now, but the fan sounds more like a plane taking off than a small but important PC component. Methinks it’s time for a replacement.

Today, I’m moving files around and spring cleaning the hard drives. I’ve a lot of duplicated stuff so I’m trying to consolidate and declutter. Hopefully I’ll find a fair few gigs of space along the way too. Just how many times do I need a rip of a James Blunt album anyway? :) The Linux box is powered on ok (even though it’s drowning out the TV and Christa playing Sims2!

This feels a little bit too much like putting all of my eggs in one basket, so after it’s done there’s going to be a heavy session of CD burning just…y’know….in case.

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