2006-02-05 1100 Opinion: == Cartoons of Mass Destruction == Denmark, /why/ have you apologised for a fricking cartoon? What . . .

Cartoons of Mass Destruction

Denmark, why have you apologised for a fricking cartoon? What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to humour? What happened to being able to hold a mirror up to reality and drawing a caricature of what you see?

What’s next? UN Humour Inspectors entering newspaper premises to check if anything blasphemous (but funny) is print printed in the latest edition?

Humour is important. It’s a release for the fears and terrors of the age. We laugh at what we fear the most. It’s a very human reaction, and to deny that is holding up a whole power keg of trouble for later. People need to laugh. It diffuses situations like nothing else.

Right now, the perception of Muslims is a ‘situation’. It’s wrong, I know. It’s wrong that an entire religious group has been branded terrorists by The Biggest Terrorist of All. To label an entire group like this is both dangerous and wrong. It happened to Jews in 1940s Germany. It happened to Communists in 1960s America, and is still happening in the minds of the oh-so-many uber-stupid Amercians who think “Commie” is the enemy and the worst name-calling insult imaginable. I’ve been called a Commie. I laughed. See? Humour diffused it.

Reacting to the cartoons by burning flags, storming the streets, setting fire to Embassies and basically exploding does nothing to help your cause. It reinforces the stereotype. If your holy book says don’t make images of Mohammad then don’t. But respect other people’s rights to have other opinions. You don’t have to buy the newspapers, y’know.

Your actions are painting a worse picture of Mohammad than any cartoonist could ever do.

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