Comments on 2006-01-30 1023 Tumblelog: Aw shucks! Sweet dreams, Stephanie. /Hugs/!

Great choice :D I actually came here from there, but I will be happy to go back there from here! I love both of ya’s! {{hugs}} I apologize for not having something more intelligent and interesting to say, but the truth is, I just took my nightly 3 seroquel, 1 lexapro and 2 librium and you are lucky I’m typing in complete sentences :P Anyway I just wanted to say hi to my favorite wolfy ;)

Stephanie Davies 2006-01-31 07:54 UTC

lol…I think someone been a bit too deep in the med cabinet tonight….hehe
Make sure you’ll wake up in the morning ;)

christa 2006-01-31 08:10 UTC

Aw shucks! Sweet dreams, Stephanie. Hugs!

GreyWulf 2006-01-31 09:08 UTC

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