2006-01-14 1834 RPG – How to Use d20/D&D in GURPS
2006-01-17 2314 RPGTwentyEssentialMonsters converted from d20/D&D to GURPS




HarpForEberron – a conversion guide


Here are the statblocks for TwentyEssentialMonsters.
Missing table of LevelDependentBenefits



House Rules of Note

  • Initiative = Reflex save. Rogues should get first strike, and experienced rogues should be lightning fast in combat!
  • HP = max + CON at first level. At zero HP, CON is lost to zero, then negative CON to death. In other words, HP loss is really just scratch wounds. It’s life threatenging if you start to lose CON
  • Sorcerors do not use spell components. Wizards do.
  • All arcane spellcasters have a style or signature to their spells. Diviner spells take on the nature of the deity.
  • The RevisedRogue

Quest for the perfect skirmish system

The One Page Fantasy Skirmish Rules are the best I’ve seen so far. The rules for movement and combat are simple, and the mechanics for creating troops and allocating a points cost to your army are dead easy. The PDF itself is 4 pages long, thorugh they’re forgiven for the One Page tag because all of the rules DO fit on just the first page – the rest are taken up with a rather good selection of critters and troops from the ‘umble goblin to a huge dragon and lots in between. The undead are particularly well done. If anything it’s the limited selection of sample human troops that’s the only thing that lets the lists down – and that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anything to criticise at all!


  • The movement and combat rules. They are simple, efficient and use only d6s. I’d be likely to have more scope for ranges (everything has an 18″ range as is stands) and adjust the pointcost accordingly, for example by allowing -6″ range for 1 point less (crossbows) or a +6″ range increase for 1 point more (the dreaded longbow), but that’ll have to be playtested first.
  • Unit and army building, including rules for Heros and Wizards. Though the magic item and spell selection is a little light (just 6 of each), there’s enough variety there to cover most needs and to showcase what else can be done.
  • An excellent and tantalizing set of campaign rules. This I can’t wait to playtest! It’s like Risk with real battles. Say no more.
  • Scenarios – including what looks to be an very good set of rules to recreate Bloodbowl. Say no more.

In short, there’s nothing missing, but also paradoxically plenty of scope for expansion. It’s a doddle to create units from any time period. Give me a pack of plastic WWII soldiers and I’ll be in clover.

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