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More Than praiseworthy

It’s not often I sing the praises of an insurance company, so listen up.

Yesterday, I had to re-insure my car. I did the usual hunt through the AA, the online plethora (good word, plethora) of sites offering to compare 50+ quotes for you, automatically, before settling on one.

While the prices ranged from £100 to £300+ for pretty much the same thing, the vast majority wanted a hefty deposit up front for the insurance, then 11 monthly payments. I found that the cheaper the quote, the more the repayment interest was. This meant that the cheapest ended up being around the same price as the most expensive! Silly, hidden charges. In my book, that’s called lying, but I’ll let that pass.

I settled for one insurer that didn’t play such games. More Th>n (yes, they do spell it like that) just wanted 12 monthly payments, no deposit and a reasonable interest charge (ie, not a full quarter of the total insurance cost like one insurer) for the privilege of paying monthly. I was insured from the minute I’d signed up online, and the direct debit was organised straight away without me paying a penny up front.


Even better was the fact that all of the documents came in the post today, and the policy is clear to understand, not heavily bogged down in exceptions and legalese and comes with enough ‘comfort zone’ extras (roadside assistance, courtesy car, automatic European driving cover, etc) to convince me I’d chosen right.

I’ve been bitten by too many insurers in the past who have tried their hardest to wriggle out of paying out. One company even accused me of being to blame for an accident just because the other driver was also covered by them. You know who you are, Zurich Insurance.

Anyhow, if you want to re-insure your car any time soon and live in the UK, mail me (address in the sidebar) and I’ll give you details on how to get an extra £20 off your quote with More Than, plus a £15 M&S voucher just for quoting my policy number. I get a voucher too :)

So far, I’m More Than happy.

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