2006-01-27 1019 Fun: == Bizarre BBC Headline of the day (so far) == [http://news.bbc.co.uk BBC News] specialize in . . .

Bizarre BBC Headline of the day (so far)

BBC News specialize in unintentionally funny headlines. Someone in their offices must either really hate their job and keep pushing this stuff out in the hope of getting fired, or there’s an in-joke somewhere the Rest Of Us ™ don’t understand.

Best headline for today is:

Actor Phoenix unhurt in car crash

I like the insincere tone of disappointment, the inherent longing to be a real news story, the overall non-newsworthy nature. Here’s the link to the whole sorry tale.

What’s next?

Tom Cruise drives car safely
Madonna returns home from shopping
David Bekham trips and stumbles, none feared dead

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