2006-01-25 1810 Tumblelog: == I think it's time for a shameless plug, don't you? == I've added [http://www.greyscri.be The . . .

I think it’s time for a shameless plug, don’t you?

I’ve added The Grey Scribe (which has a cool url of http://www.greyscri.be) to Blog Explosion today so you can have double the ‘wulf for twice the fun.

It’s a game of light and dark. Here at my Lair I talk about real(-ish) stuff in a traditional photos’n’writing’n’tech’n’politics’n’stuff that makes me laugh kinda way. Your (not so) average weblog. Welcome to the light side.

Meanwhile, over at The Grey Scribe lives my dark side. That’s where I write twisted tales, short horror yarns and the type of stuff that just wouldn’t do over here in the Lair.

Take a look at both and let me know which you prefer – Greywulf’s light side, or my dark side.

Black. Or White.

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