2006-01-24 1151 Writing: I'm working on a new story for [http://www.greyscri.be The Grey Scribe]. Here's the Prologue. This . . .

I’m working on a new story for The Grey Scribe. Here’s the Prologue. This tale looks likely to be a long one so I’m going to post it in multiple parts up there. I’ll post here when the Part One is complete.

The Veil


We see the world in such simplistic terms. Our senses and minds build a picture of what is real and we believe it implicitly. Yet our perceptions are a child’s drawing compared to the truth. Each thick stroke of the crayon hides infinite edges and textures, multiple layers which few of us can comprehend. There is a veil over our eyes that hides such things.

We live in an infinity of realities and possibilities, all co-existing and equal. You exist in every one of those infinities (save for the ones in which you have already died) and your immortal soul binds them together. In your dreams you pierce that veil, share thoughts with your other selves, witness your heroics and deepest villany. You will see your death a thousand times, have partners you’ve never known and experience pleasures you literally can only dream of. In other realms it is 1939, or 4139. You might be king, or the lowest pauper on the backstreets of a medieval town where demons rule.

The veil prevents any further intrusion than this. Your consciousness is tied here in the modern world where the year is 2006. There is no possibility of crossing for you.

My name is Sallick, and I am a veil walker.

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