2006-01-24 0942 Lifestuff: == Talc is cheap == Another day, another donut, as the saying goes. We watched Hairy Putter and . . .

Talc is cheap

Another day, another donut, as the saying goes. We watched Hairy Putter and the Chamberpot of Secretions last night. At least, I think that’s what it was called.

Either way, darned good movie. That’s pretty impressive for a second movie, especially one in a pre-planned series like this. It’s too easy for the second movie to be nothing more than a “transition” movie which moves from the innocence of the first to the darker themes of the third. And Harry didn’t visit the Ice Planet Hoth at all. Also a bonus.

In an age where it’s unfashionable to praise success, JK Rowling is unusual in that she has comparitively few crtitics. Yes, there’s Terry Pratchett who was all sore that her books were making movie millions and his weren’t. Now that a Discworld film is planned though, I’m sure he’ll be eating those particular phrases though. There are a few folks out there who insist JK stole their plots. Tough to them. Even if she did, she ran with them while you just hobbled straight to a lawyer. Ya boo you.

And, of course, there are the pretentious literati, the secret society which compares popular literature with Books No One Ever Reads ™ and proclaims all as dross. They miss the point. People read for enjoyment, not as a form of self punishment. The Harry Potter series are good books that are fun to read, regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation (unless you’re a Stoopid US Christian Right Fundamentalist, in which case it’s your loss). They don’t claim to be social documentaries or treaties on human nature. They are what they set out to be, and in that they have succeeded.

Now we’ve just got to get round to watching the fourth movie :)

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