Comments on 2006-01-21 1421 Opinion: Oh, I think it's great that Google have made a stand. I think that what little online privacy . . .

You can’t hide online either.
And the amount of people who are using the net is increasing with each new generation that is growing up.
Besides, the geeks and idiots that we know of are those in our age group. But you have another generation catching up fast – my son’s generation. All the young techies out there in the beginning of their 20’s. And some of them have been online since they were 10.
So I think you can easily add another 10% just counting them.

To me privacy matters both online and offline, but I can understand that if you’re use to use your credit card as legal identification offline, privacy doesn’t matter much.
Privacy is all about integrity.

After all, I did grow up in a country that has more Big Brother to it than anywhere else on the planet and after seeing other countries and how their system works, privacy becomes holy.

As for hiding online…as long as you have an IP address (and most of us do) you can be found offline too. If Google keep track on my searches or can find me on the map, that’s completely irrelevant. I don’t really care about what they know and don’t know about me. The information they can find through my IP address is still limited and they really have to knock my door to find out more.
There are other threats against our privacy online that are greater than that.

The Google guys have done a tremendous job and they are the ultimate proof that you can still do a real big bang dot com, although everyone thought that was impossible in the end of the 90’s.
And for that they have all my respect and admiration.

So there.

christa 2006-01-21 16:18 UTC

Oh, I think it’s great that Google have made a stand. I think that what little online privacy really matters, it’s still important to defend it. No lose any right to privacy is a crime.

It’s going to be a much bigger and more important matter too as more things become ‘Netified.

But we need to get our offline privacies right now otherwise when our fridge, TV, phone, payment method, job and life really are online we won’t have a chance. There’s no point having online privacy if you have no right to it offline. You’ve lost already.

GreyWulf 2006-01-21 17:03 UTC

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