2006-01-18 1554 Lifestuff: == In, out, in, out. Repeat at will. == We've been shopping for life's little luxuries today. OK . . .

In, out, in, out. Repeat at will.

We’ve been shopping for life’s little luxuries today. OK it was just food, but we can all dream, eh? CroXie got some new speakers because the cable on her old set had died, and I set off on a quest for a USB hub without success. The problem is that sometimes principles get in the way of common sense. This particular principle was there’s no way in hell I’m paying £35 for four holes and some cable in a cheap plastic box. Sorry, but…..

So, I’m still hubless which means I’m still having to cable swtich whenever I wany to use the card reader or the printer or the Ipaq, but at least my principles are still intact :)

Meantime ::Dev is shaping up very nicely. For those that don’t know, it’s my new pet project; if you want a free, ad-free WordPress 2.0 blog with anti-spam, stats and lots of pretty themes ready installed for your delectation and delight, then ::Dev is the place to be.

I’ve got plans to add in more stuff later, but right now I’ve a module to write for Artfinity. The joys of coding.

I’ve added in a little extra to my sidebar too – check out the thumbnail links to Awful Souls and Mystickal Incense & More. CroXie and Stephanie are Honoured Pack Members. If you want to be one too, Donate.

Hop on over to both and tell them GreyWulf sent you, ok?

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