2006-01-17 2314 RPG:

Twenty Essential Monsters from d20/D&D converted to GURPS

Here’s some rough and ready stats to toss into your 4th Edition GURPS game. Extrapolate what you can from the d20 details. Links go to the original d20 stats taken from the 3.5 edition System Reference Document, licensing applies, etc.

(This is work in progress. I’ll finish it tomorrow, ok?) (or maybe the day after that!)
– cut –

Sorted by d20 By Challenge Rating.

ST 7 DX 11 IQ 10 HT 11
HP 7, Per-11, Will-7
Base Speed: 5
DR 1 natural scales
Dodge-9, Parry-8, Block-8
Spear-11, 1d-3 thrust impale
Trapmaking-11, Hide-12,
Move Silently-12, Profession (Miner)-11
ST 8 DX 13 IQ 2 HT 11
HP 8, Per-12, Will-11
Base Speed: 6
DR 1 natural fur
Dodge-10, Parry-na, Block-na
Bite-13 , 1d-3 cut + disease
Climb-16, Hide-14, Swim-16
Move Silently-12
ST 11 DX 11 IQ -* HT -*
HP 11, Per-10, Will-10
Base Speed: 5.25
DR 2 natural
Dodge-8, Parry-9, Block-9
Scimitar-11 1d+2 sw cut
* Undead rules apply
ST 13 DX 10 IQ 9 HT 11
HP 13, Per-10, Will-7
Base Speed: 5.5
DR 2 studded leather
Dodge-8, Parry-9, Block-8
Falchion-12, 2d-1 swing cut
Javelin-11, 1d thrust impale

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