2006-01-17 1630 Photography: == Tree, leaf and stone == [[image . . .

Tree, leaf and stone

Tree, leaf and stone

We’ve taken a little walk out today, just to get away from the screens and see beyond these four walls for a change. It’s been good to feel the camera in my hands once more. Don’t know what there is about the 300D, but it really does fit like a glove. I must just be lucky when it comes to hand size :)

I’m still testing and getting used to my Loreo Lens-in-a-cap. Each lens has it’s own quirks, it’s own characteristics that take some getting used to, and the little Loreo is no exception. The shots form it come out gloriously retro in colouring and contrast, and just beg to be converted to monochrome or infrared like the one above. Not a bad little shot for a $19 thin piece of plastic, eh?

Going to the other extreme, I also hefted the Tamron 28-300 big ugly around in case we saw anything worth shooting in focus. The pot below is on the side of the driveway here.


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