2006-01-16 1629 Lifestuff: == DEVilishly DEVouring DEVelopment == I'm still stuck in [http://dev.greywulf.uk.to ::Dev] busy . . .

DEVilishly DEVouring DEVelopment

I’m still stuck in ::Dev busy debugging, testing, fiddling and adding a healthy coat of wax. If you want to give WordPress 2.0 a try or need to set up a brand new blog, feel free to hop on over and sign up!

I’ve put up a fair selection of the best themes and plugins around including Spam Karma and BAStats, so it should be the quickest, most painfree way of getting a blog up and running.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding more stuff – more plugins, more themes, and lots more content. There’ll be an official announcement up here and over at Greywulf::net by the end of the week, so sign up now to avoid the rush :)

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