2006-01-15 1024 Lifestuff: Watched [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0162650/ Shaft] last night. Samuel J Jackson *is* the . . .

Watched Shaft last night.

Samuel J Jackson is the coolest person on this planet, ever.

I reckon Hollywood should remake all films with Samuel J Jackson in the cool dude role. Imagine Sam as Rhett Butler (“You think I give a damn? You’re wrong.”). Now, that would rock. Or how about Sam as Rick Blaine in Casablanca? (“Touch those piano keys once more and I’m gonna break all your fingers.”).

They could make historical movies too with Sam LJ in the leading role. I’d love to see him play Sir Walter Raleigh (“Yo Queen, I found this for you. It’s a potato. Let’s make fries.”), or Lord Nelson (“Get yo lips offa me, Hardy.”). Sam Jackson as Winston Churchill would be pushing it a little too far, but might work (“I’ll fight you on the beach, in the streets and in the fields. You pick the place Hitler, and I’ll be there. Alone and ready.”)

I can’t get enough Sam :)

What other characters (real or fictional) do you think Sam L Jackson could play?

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