2006-01-12 2224 Opinion: == Respect == Tony Blair is talking about respect, and how important it is to behave in a . . .


Tony Blair is talking about respect, and how important it is to behave in a respectful manner to other people. What he’s really doing is finding easy targets; the bored teenagers with nothing do do because previous governments and this ridiculous blame culture we live in make it impossible for after school events and youth clubs to exist. He’s also targeting the people no one wants to live next to – the people at the bottom of the heap who have reached desperation point, the people who are nothing but unwelcome statistics wherever they go.

Yes, there are problems. I don’t know what the answers are, but using “Respect” as a pre-election political marketing ploy isn’t it.

It might help if Tony Blair actually respected the public, but history has shown he hasn’t, and never will.

The public said the Millenium Dome would be a disaster. He didn’t respect our opinions and went ahead anyway, and it was. He didn’t respect us enough to admit he was wrong.

He didn’t respect us enough to actually listen when we said that following the US’s most Evil President, ever ™ was a stupid idea. He didn’t respect us when the public said they did not want a war in Iraq because of what even then we knew to be spurious “intelligence” claims. He didn’t respect the advisors who told him this was wrong. One of them, perhaps the advisor most respected by his peers, ended up taking his own life because of Tony Blair’s lack of respect for his expertise.

He doesn’t respect the lives of the soldiers who have been killed needlessly in a futile war that has done little to stabilise a whole section of the globe, and done much to line the pockets of Bush and his cronies. He doesn’t respect the citizens of Iraq for whom life is no better under the flawed pretence that is US-style “democracy” than it was under their previous dictator.

He doesn’t respect life enough to admit that the UK has turned a blind eye to torture in the past, and announce that it will never happen again.

Sorry, Tony. We don’t respect you.

So don’t talk to us about respect, ok?

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