Comments on 2005-11-14 1116 Fun: Despammed

Aw heck. I decided to bait him for a while. Here’s the email I sent back (from an old, already spam-blasted email account, of course):

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your email trying to scam me. It certainly raised a smile. Do people really still believe this crap? I’m amazed! If it weren’t for she sheer stupidity, all the spelling mistakes really let you down. Your need to try harder.

I hope you know that any money you do manage to get is illegal. It’s well known that handling stolen money causes your testicles to shrink. I bet you can feel them getting tighter now. That’s the blood circulation bewing cut off. Keep doing this and soon your balls will get so tight they’ll just pop. Makes a hell of a mess of your pants, and no woman will touch you again. Ever. Forget about ever being able to walk again, or have children.

Ah well, it’s your choice.

You will have nightmares about this tonight.

All the best for the future.


GreyWulf 2005-11-14 11:39 UTC

Sounds like you’re sending someone over to teach him how to spell…lol

I think a lot of people (unfortunately) still believe in these things, otherwise they wouldn’t even try it. I had something similar a while back that I bounced back with Mailwasher. Wouldn’t even spend any energy on trying to reason with them :p

christa 2005-11-14 15:14 UTC

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