2006-01-05 0940 Lifestuff: Damn, it's cold today. Usually, being warm-blooded, I don't feel the cold. Today though it's . . .

Damn, it’s cold today. Usually, being warm-blooded, I don’t feel the cold. Today though it’s right-to-the-bone cold. Heck, it’s not even snowing or anything outside either.

Meantime, I wrote a little mini-app for One Red Paperclip last night in about an hour. More of a proof-of-concept than anything else. I called it Dirty Spoon as it’s the first thing I saw on my desk that someone might actually want to trade :) The app was created using the wonderful Ning which is obeying Murphy’s Law in full today – just because I wrote the app, Ning is down for maintenance right now. Ah well. Try later.

Of course, for a decent app/site like the one that One Red Paperclip is suggesing, I’d go for something more heavyweight than Ning’s servers. The tempatation would be to use something like Ruby on Rails or good old perl if it needed something more than get-database-stuff/display-database-stuff magic. But that’s just me.

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