2006-01-04 1723 Opinion:

Just say no to Sony

I’m making just one New Year’s resolution for 2006, and it’s a simple one.

I am not going to buy anything made by Sony until their policies change.
This means no to PSP, Playstation 3 or any CD produced under the Sony label. I urge you to do the same. Sony has time and again shown direct disregard for their customers’ wishes by locking their products down to an unacceptable level. The debacle over their handling of DRM trojans in their CDs shows just how little they care about the real wants and needs of the people who buy their goods.

The persistent lockdown of the PSP (an ideal console that could be amazing in the right hacker’s hands) show that the organisation has an intense dislike and distrust of the people who have made Sony one of the richest companies on the planet.

This isn’t about “Intellectual Property” – a bullshit phrase that has all but killed technological advancement – or about “anti-Piracy” (there are good, honest, simple contract laws that cover that) but about profit, and control of that profit.

Sony won’t get a penny of my money again unless it changes into an organisation that listens to it’s customers, promise openness in future and will agree to promote and encourage new and interesting way that it’s products can be used.

Spread the word. Just say no to Sony.

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