All this and wordpress too

Disclaimer: This isnt a WordPress blog. I use OddMuse, a wikiblogging miracle that is Superman to WordPress Batman. But anyway.

WordPress hit version 2 on 31st December, so I dutifully upgraded my own WordPress Blog around 2am last night. Its not somewhere I post, just a dropping place for the occasional photo from my flickr feed. This idea is to use it more like a photo log of my life rather than a real blog. But I digress.

WordPress 2 upgrades in around 5 minutes flat provided you follow the upgrade instructions. It took me even less because Ive command-line access to the server – none of that silly pointy-clicky FTP to do.

In terms of whats changed, this is a release thats geared to make the bloggers life easier rather than add bells and whistles for the reader. The whole blogging interface has had a hot-wax treatment. Its smoother, silkier and a whole lot nicer to use. In terms of what you can do though, not a lot has changed. Its still the same WordPress functionality. Under the hood however, a lot more of the innards have been exposed for plugins, so expect a whole raft of new and exciting addons to follow. Anti-spam is built in, though youll need an API key by creating an account at to be able to use their blacklist. Thats no biggie, and is an excellent option if youre looking for free (ad free!) hosting of your blog. Ive created a test blog over at if you want a peek. Its using the gorgeous and very customizable Regulus 2 template from Binary Moon. That blog might get used for a project Ive got in my head, or it might die. Cant decide yet.

While were on plugins, its worth mentioning that its best not to expect your current plugins will work with this release, so if theres a plugin you use on your site that you just cannot live without, check the WordPress Plugin Compatilibity list before upgrading. You know it makes sense.

Of course, if youre looking for new blog software from scratch (maybe youve outgrown Blogger and want something more, then WordPress 2 is probably the best straight blogging software there is. Grab a free account over at and hit the ground running.

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