2006-01-02 1556 Photography: == Green paper packages tied up with string == . . .

Green paper packages tied up with string


This was delivered to our door today. Beautiful, isn’t it? What was inside was even more exciting – my new lens!
– cut –

It’s a Loreo Lens-in-a-cap, a body cap that cleverly doubles as a fixed focus lens. It’s teeny thin, cost all of $19 including shipment from Hong Kong, and I love it :)

There’s f/64 for those digital pinhole camera moments, all the way up to f/5.6 for that retro fixed-focus street photo experience.


Yes, you too can knock technology back 30 years and turn the Ultimate Digial Camera (or pretty much any SLR) into a fixed focus beastie.

Sure is a heck of a lot lighter than my usual 28-300 monstrosity :)

Expect sample images soon!

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