Destiny foiled

We watched Constantine last night. That’s the one starring Keanu Reeves where he fights demons, remember?

Anyways, it’s a damned (pun intended) good movie, better than I expected. Cross Stigmata with Buffy and you’ve got the general idea. While there are a lot of religious overtones, it’s definitely “Christianity-lite” – it chearfully makes up a lot of pseudo-mythology as it goes along. Hell has it’s own version of the bible where Satan wins in Revelations, Gabriel is a half-breed, Mammon is the son of Lucifer, etc. All good wholesome family stuff.

That said, if you accept the premise behind the movie then it’s a very fun, watchable film. There’s enough religious claptrap to keep the Movie Interpreters happy (you know, the kind of people that psychoanalyse movie scripts to prove that Luke Skywalker is Christ) while at the same time plenty of Really Big Explosions and Smart One-liners for the rest of us.

I just hope they don’t make a sequel and turn it into another Matrix. Please God, no.

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