2005-12-28 1005 Linux: == Wheels within Wheels == I'm typing this is Firefox in Linux running under XP. At the same . . .

Wheels within Wheels

I’m typing this is Firefox in Linux running under XP. At the same time, I’ve a window through to another version of Linux on another machine which has a window through to yet another Linux box on a different continent.

God I love technology :)

Let me translate. I’m sat at my Windows XP box (blame Sims2, Half-Life, etc). I’m running VMWare, a rather excellent peice of kit which lets you run other operating systems inside a window. I’m using that to run a copy of Damn Small Linux, an amazing version of Linux that’s just 55Mb (compressed) in size and runs entirely in memory.

I’m also running VNC, which gives me a view through to my real Linux box so I can check email, do Real Techie Stuff ™, etc. On that, I’m ssh’d over to greywulf.uk.to which resides in California.

Oh, the power.

The thing is, this is normality. It’s all pretty mundane stuff that is only really amazing when you stop to think about it. I can connect and use computing power anywhere in the world. My humble machine can take on multiple personalities at the same time, and I can control the whole lot from just one single keyboard.

We really ought to say thank you to the people who made this possible more often.

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