2005-12-27 1704 Tumblelog: == Muchos fiddling == Adsense is gone. Chitika is gone, CSS tidied, [[Calendar]] back up and . . .

Muchos fiddling

Adsense is gone. Chitika is gone, CSS tidied, Calendar back up and running.

We spend so much time extoling the virtues of having our own webspace all nice and banner free – then we go and put Google and Chitika blocks all over the place in a futile effort to make just a few cents a day. Sorry folks, it’s the end of get-rich-quick here. This is my blog and I’m taking it back :)

I’ve cleaned the style-sheet just a little while watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Nice family entertainment. Editting CSS that is. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is just too full of sexual undercurrents. Unmarried couples and children sat on a bed while playing with their knobs? Really, I ask you. Disney has a lot to answer for.

Meantime I’m thinking about 2006 and what the techno future holds. Here’s my little batch of predictions:

  • e-Ink and e-Paper will make their first mass market appearance. It won’t be a cereal packet
  • UK Post Office will offer to print and mail your emails to any UK address for you – for a price
  • More alternative fuel systems for cars. Hybrids become cheaper and more common
  • NSA at risk of being shut down following Impeachment of Bush for abuse of power (we can only wish!!)
  • Microsoft Vista revealed to contain over a million lines of GPL’d code. Microsoft forced to rewrite, causes delay
  • Improved battery life technology results in first MP3 player with over 100 hours’ use without recharge. Push for same power technology in laptops held back by manufacturers
  • $100 laptop released – for $199. Not viewed as failure. Public version available for $499. Dies without trace
  • Linus Torvalds takes job at Microsoft as technical director of Microsoft Vista after attempt to rip out the GPL code fails
  • UK Government promises country-wide free WiFi network after election. Pure spin, not a serious promise. Despite this obvious fact, Labour’s popularity rockets
  • Osama Bin Laden found using Google Earth. He’s in California
  • Google buys the Whitehouse, now renamed the Googlehouse, and promises to fund it’s upkeep for 1,000 years

That’ll do for now.

It’s your turn – what are your predictions for 2006?

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