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Holding Hollywood in the palm of your hand

She thought about him constantly, his manly ways winning her heart

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. I’ve watched them while walking. I’ve watched them in bed. God forbid, I’ve even watched them on the toilet. All thanks to my little Ipaq (with whom I have an ongoing love-hate relationship), The B-Movie Database and TCPMP.

I’m a fan of the old black-and-white show reels from the time when men were square-jawed and women said things like “sweetheart” and “dahling”. I used to watch these movies on a Sunday afternoon, so being able to revisit them is a return to my childhood memories. That’s something we could all use from time to time.

Here’s a mini-review of the ones I’ve watched so far……
– cut –
Domesticity was surely the way to win his heart

A Farewell to Arms
This is a great movie, and I’m sure a brave one to make at the time as it’s all about a man who deserts the army for love. The lips are very stiff, the Italian surgeon is terrific, and the clothing and setting are wonderfully evocative of the period. I’m sure it served as a dire warning to young couples everywhere – the lovers kiss for just a little over 2 seconds, and she falls pregnant. You have been warned.

Night of the Living Dead
This should be required viewing for wannabe movie directors everywhere. It’s justifiably called a classic because the horror doesn’t come from the “Living Dead” of the title, but the emotions and interplay between the lead characters. It’s a great study of how to generate tension and fear on screen without needing buckets of blood, CGI schlock and graphic violence. It’s got some of the standard horror fare in there as well, but thankfully it’s kept to a minimum. Essential viewing.

The Indestructable Man
This modern retelling of Frankenstein is inspired, and probably one of the best versions I’ve seen. Mix horror with gangster and you’ve a fair idea what to expect. It’s a very enjoyable movie to watch – Lon Chaney Jnr’s performance as Charles ‘Butcher’ Benton, the killer brought back to life, is just brilliant. His eyebrows inspire fear :)

I’m on to watching Metropolis and Flash Gorden next…. see you after the show!

And they both lived happily ever after…..

(The “screen shots” aren’t screen shots at all, of course. I’ve a Sims 2 Neighbourhood set in that era, all using black and white objects, clothes, etc from the amazing the Retroville set at modthesims2. Now you know.)

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