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Sometimes, the best thing to do is take a step backwards

I’ve got a thing for retro. Chain up my mouse and give me a text-only window any day of the week. I’ve a Linux box that emulates pretty much any vintage (and not so vintage) games console around, and a lovely Twin Lens Reflex camera I’m just itching to use and abuse.

In the spirit of all that’s backwards looking, I’ve made a new purchse today; something that proclaims on the website Turns standard or digital SLR camera into Point-and-Shoot. With a tagline like that, just how could I refuse?!
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The LOREO Lens in a Cap does exactly what is says; it’s a fixed focus lens little larger than a body cap. Think of it like a pinhole camera with a variable aperture from f/5.6 down to f/64. This is probably the smallest and lightest lens out there for an SLR, so it’s perfect for those times when space (or weight) is a premium. It would certainly make my camera less threatening for street photography, which is always a plus.

At f/5.6 you’ve got the equivalent of a simple point-and-shoot, just at the ad says, just with a very powerful digital back. As the aperture drops down beyond f/22 and down to f/64 you’re into the realms of pinhole photography where exposures of several hours aren’t unusual. All in a lend that doubles as a body cap. Nice.

Altogether this little beauty costs $19 including shipping – that’s around £10 in real UK money, and should arrive in 1-2 weeks. I can’t wait to go retro :)

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