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And these people are supposed to be funny

The old joke about Pagliacci came to life last night on live TV. That’s the one where a man goes the doctor saying he’s always miserable and doesn’t feel anything other than sadness all the time. The doc’ suggests going to see Pagliacci, the greatest clown who’s every lived. That was guaranteed to raise a smile. The man replies; “But doctor, I AM Pagliacci!”

That came to mind as we watched the British Comedy Awards last night. Show like this I tend to avoid – they are almost universally a shambles clearly fixed to reward the shows aired by the TV station hosting the Awards ceremony in a pointless back slapping exercise. This awards show was no exception to that rule :)

What we saw though was that there are no more morose, miserable, whining gits than the people who are supposed to make us laugh. Worst of these was the supposed “genius” that is Ricky Gervais. Sorry, but he’s neither funny, talented or deserving of anything other than a hard slap. Mind you, Paul O’Grady was almost as bad. Anyone who spends ten minutes complaining that there was no free food for them to scoff needs a bullet. There are plenty of people homeless or deeply in debt – especially at this time of year – without listening to his self centred diatribe about how deserving he is. The audience slowly got more and more drunk as the show worsened. I don’t want to see people getting pissed on TV, especially not childish idiots like this.

Even the normally brilliant Jonathon Ross, who “hosted” the shambles should have stayed at home instead. The only time he said something worthwhile was when he said he was going to return his OBE in protest at British occupation in Iraq. The applause he received should have shut him up instead of confessing “No, I was only joking……”. Bad, very bad.

I’m pretty sure that One-Tel, the Awards’ sponsors, will be very embarassed by this debacle. I’ll lay good odds that they won’t put their name to it next year.

So, if it was to bad, why did I keep watching?

Simple. There wasn’t anything better on. And that’s saying something.

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