GURPS 4e Microlite

As much for my personal use as anything, I’ve taken the 32 pages of GURPS Lite (itself a condensation of the whole 300-odd pages of GURPS) and shrunk it down to an amazing two pages. Yes, two pages. This contains the core concepts in extremely abridged form and all of the advantages, disadvantages and skills from GURPS Lite in a couple of sides of A4.

You will need the GURPS Lite document to make any sense of it, but it’s perfect for generating characters or handing out to experienced players.

This is strictly a FIRST DRAFT, so it ain’t pretty and it might well contain a few errors. If you would like a copy though, click on the images above to download the .pdf, click here.

Update: And just to prove it works, here’s quick 50 point (plus 25 point disadvantages) character I’ve thrown together using only GURPS Microlite:

 Sergeant William "Happy" Hendricks
 Campaign Era: Late Word War II, TL6, 50+25 points
 ST 10   HP   10   Basic Lift 20lds      Dodge 8-
 DX 11   Will 11   Basic Speed 5.5       Parry 8-
 IQ 11   Per  11   Basic Move 5yds       Block -
 HT 11   FP   11   Basic Damage thr 1d-2, sw  1d
 Code of Honour (Military), Sense of Duty (his Unit)
 Q: Smokes French cigarettes, Q:Gets the shakes after combat
 Q: Rebel spirit, Q: Fascinated with machinery
 Q: Distrusts airforce
 Acute Senses (Sight) +2, Nightvision +2

 Missile:Pistol-12, Brawling-11
 Thrown Weapon:Grenades-11
 Leadership-12, Vehicle:Jeep-10
 Interrogation-10, Engineer-9, Carousing-11
 Explosives-10, Observation-10, Stealth-10
 Shadowing-10, Survival-10, Tactics-10
 Armour DR:1 cloth
 9mm Auto Pistol, 2d+2pi
 Punch 1d-3 cr

There you have it, a young WWII sergeant all stated out and ready for a low power campaign. Not bad for 5 minutes with a 2-page Microlite set of rules!

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  1. ” If you would like a copy though, click on the images above to download the .pdf.”

    What? I don’t see anything and I’m interested.

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