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Let your life slip you by while you live another


Sims 2 is a great game. We can both lose hours – days even – of our lives while fiddling in that game; personally, I love the open-ended nature of it. When I’m not playing God and telling those adorable little Sims what to do, I can build new homes, redecorate or whatever. It’s the ultimate virtual doll’s house, and as it’s a computer game, it’s Cool for Guys too, so that’s ok.


This is the couple I’ve been playing for a while; he’s an alien who crashlanded into Earth and built their home from the remnants of his ship and she’s… well, she’s just a head. Let’s just say that she was caught in the blast and in a fit of guilt he reanimated what was left. As you can see, they get along just fine though.


The house floats in mid-air (thanks to anti-grav technology and a few Sims tricks :) ) and there’s no walls or supports of any kind between the three floors, only stairs. I’ll post a piccie and an upload of the house up if anyone asks nicely.

The thing about Sims 2’s open-ended nature is that it leaves me wanting more. The expansion packs are terrific, especially University, and I’m looking forward to the Business expansion pack. Here are a few things I’d love to see in the future:

  • Be able to tell you Sim not to do something. I’d like to say “Don’t touch the fridge”, or “Don’t go in this room” or “Don’t talk to that person”. Sometimes it’s for practical reasons – Sims can be telepathic and start using something just as I’m about to replace or move it. Other times it’s out of sheer malice :)
  • Answerphones. Please!
  • Shoes. Sims should be able to buy shoes. I want to Sim Imelda Marcos!
  • Be able to walk (and see!) their neighbourhood. Visit neighbours, make friends in person, walk to the park, etc.
  • Pets! Bring back pets! I know they’re in The Urbz, I want them in Sims 2.
  • “Era” based expansion packs. I’d love a “Sims in the 60’s” containing houses, clothing, objects, hairstyles and music, complete with a 1960s-only neighbourhood using only content from that era.
  • Similarly, I’d love “Sims 1940s” clothing from that era, a railway station and an option to display in black and white so I can film my own film noir.
  • Era packs rock! Sims medeival, Sims in Space, Sims Victoriana, Sims Edwardian (complete with stately homes in the neighbourhood)
  • Sims Horror. Add guns, zombies and basements containing tentacled things. The sims must fight for their lives and defend their property from Evil. Add in Sims University for the ultimate collage dorm schlock horror fest.
  • Add in random events. The newspaper could announce street parties, events in the Park, half price offers at a club Downtown, shops can hold sales, etc. A power cut would be fun too. Some of the options from the original Sim City would be kinda kooky too – imagine an Earthquake, an alien invasion or a Godzilla rampage in Sims 2 :)

That’s enough for now. Suffice to say that Sims 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. If you haven’t played it, you’re missing out on a lot of lost hours!

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