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Google 2006

Here’s a page where you can post up what Google should do in 2006.

This is my humble offering:

1. Filter commercial and listing sites from searches, so it’s possible to search for a product review and get a review, not a page full of kelkoo clones, offers to sell and loops back to other search engines
2. A lite QNX like Operating system installable on a boot floppy/USB keychain or CD. Drop it in any computer, get connected. Everything carried and stored in google.
3. GoogleWiki; a wikipedia for the masses where anyone can post, contribute and correct. Content available direct from Google search.
4. Google Law; actively find and prosecute scammers and spammers. Bury them for us. You know you want to.
5. Google seach only for non-DRM content.
6. Buy Yahoo
7. Search for Shares. People who use google get shares in google.
8. Google TV. Release your own internet TV channel using unique content + videos from google vid.
9. The Google Awards; An awards ceremony we could believe in. Best Movie/TV/Blog/Writer/Gadget as culled from that year’s google search results.
10. Be able to use egular expressions to search.

Any more ideas?

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