2005-12-01 0825 Review: Shameless plug time – [http://www.greywulf.uk.to Greywulf::Net] is live at last! Only three years in . . .

Shameless plug time – Greywulf::Net is live at last! Only three years in the making, but here it is :)

Offering information, advice, and open wiki and a free blog for all users, Greywulf::Net is a meeting point for developers and designers alike. It’s a place where coders and graphics wizards can crack heads and discuss issues and matters common to both communities. XML? Web 2.0? Ajax? Colour theory? Come on in!

It’s also a great place to come and learn – so if you’re just starting with HTML, learning Perl or want to know more about how to set up your own size, Greywulf::Net is the place for you.

Coming soon: the Beginners’ Guides, forum firestarters, Introduction to Ajax and How to Be Your Own Webhost.

PS – a new story will be up at http://greyscri.be later today.
PPS – December’s calendar is available for download from MyPhotoCalendar.

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