2005-11-25 0833 Opinion: == How to invent a war == # Interrogate an Iraqi # He tell you of chemical weaponry while . . .

How to invent a war

  1. Interrogate an Iraqi
  2. He tell you of chemical weaponry while attached to a polygraph machine. It shows he’s lying. He’s lying because he wants a visa and knows what you want to hear
  3. Bury the lie
  4. Pass the details to a propaganda agent by the name of John Rendon. He feeds the lie to the New York Times and out into the rest of the world
  5. Let events snowball from there

Read this article about John Rendon, the Man who sold the war then tell me again that Bush is telling the true.

The US governemt lied. It knew it lied. It employed people to lie for it using US tax payers’ money. It created a false war for it’s own political gain, costing over 25,000 Iraqi lives and thousands of US, UK and allied troop lives in the process. That’s not war. That’s murder on a huge scale.

Impeachment isn’t enough.

Copeid over from Partisan because this is too big to ignore. Post this on your blog too. Spread the word and maybe – just maybe – the media will listen.

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