2005-11-22 0908 Photography: == Renderosity generosity == http://wiki.greywulf.uk.to/med_holding_hands.jpg I joined . . .

Renderosity generosity


I joined Renderosity last night on recommendation from CroXie. I’ve always thought it was a community for 3D artists rather than photographers, so stayed well clear. I only dabble in Terragen and Truespace and know when I’m outclassed :) I didn’t know they accept photographers into their hallowed ranks, but they do, so I’m in. Woohoo!

Free accounts have an upload limit of one shot a day, which is fair, so I put up the little pic above. It’s an oldie, but has far and away been my most popular shot on flickr to date with over 500 views and many nice words said about it over the course of the year it’s been up. Overnight at r’osity, it’s had 33 visits and 8 comments, which is terrific.

Renderosity is a different beast to Flickr; at least, to me it is. R’osity is much more of community, dedicated to sharing and commenting on other peoples’ work. Flickr is a place to store photos where the occassional comment is nice to get. Some people on Flickr could upload a picture of a blank wall and they’d get 500 hits in a day and hundreds of comments saying how awazing the shot is. I just don’t get that…….. if it’s crap, say it’s crap or say nothing. A photograph, like any other artform has to stand on it’s own merit. The quality of the image matters, not who’s taken it.

I’ve long used – and will continue to use – the wonderful Flickr for storing and hosting my pics. Basically, if the shot looks good, it’ll go up on Flickr. The single best shot of each day will go up onto Renderosity.

Here’s my (very sparse right now!) Renderosity Gallery.

ps – Flickr is temporarily down for maintenence, so expect missing images and strangeness for a while. Thank you for your patience, etc.

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