2005-11-21 1007 Lifestuff: I'm waking up. Slowly, sipping coffee and letting the caffeine do it's work. CroXie is /waaay/ more . . .

I’m waking up. Slowly, sipping coffee and letting the caffeine do it’s work. CroXie is waaay more awake than me today. This is Not a Good Thing :)

Meantime, I’ve at last caught up with the rss feeds. I (try) to read regularly. Looks like the ‘net is alive and well with the crazies today, which is good. If I were more awake, I’d put up clever little links in the last sentence which take you to weird and unexpected places. But as I said, I’m still waking up. Just imagine they’re there and type random words into Google for kicks instead, ok? Thanks.

I’m sat in front of the XP box, using Opera running on my Linux box through VNC. Yes, I could run Opera in XP instead. Or Firefox. OR even that bastard-evil scumspawn that it laughably called Internet Explorer. Personally, I’d rather bite my own arms off instead, but each to their own. Surely we can sue Microsoft for inaccurate description of a product. Their browser couldn’t Explore the Internet if you gave is a map, compass, small team of Sherpas and a ball of string. There’s always a ball of string.

But I digress. Can you digress if there isn’t a point to digress from, I wonder. Sheesh. Even my digression is digressing now.

Oh yes. Cavan gives me praise here for my little short story which is here. Which is nice. I’m trying to write a short story ever single day. Sometimes, I cheat and leave it a few days before I post another, especially if one of them turns out particularly well. But one a day is the aim. Hope you like them.

So the reasons I’m using VNC to use Opera on Linux instead of just using the XP version are:

  • I’ve got all my bookmarks, email, rss feeds, etc set up in Linux. I could migrate them over, but……..
  • The Linux version is damned stable. I leave it running 24/7. The XP version is fairly good, but it’s still an XP program. Instability is inherent in the design
  • I could use Firefox on XP, but that uses about the same resources as Opera and does less . I like the Live Bookmarks though (Opera, take note), but it doesn’t page zoom (for those blog sites that insist on using 6 point type) anywhere near as well, even with the ImageZoom? extension
  • VNC takes very few resources to run in XP. Far less than a browser with 20+ tabs open.

This means more memory space to play Sims 2. CroXie and I are both hooked. More on that for another post.

I’m still waking up.

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