2005-11-19 2054 Tumblelog: == You too can be popular == The lazy man's method of getting *thousands of hits* every day: . . .

You too can be popular

The lazy man’s method of getting thousands of hits every day:

Yes, it’s true. You too can get guaranteed hits each day, and every day!

  1. Download the Opera web browser
  2. Open Opera and surf to your site
  3. Right-click on your web page, and choose Reload every…. Set the time to 30 seconds
  4. Right-click again, go to Reload every… and press enable.
  5. Walk away from the computer. You’re done!

You will now get 120 hits every hour. That’s 2,800 hits a day – almost 88,000 hits a month with no effort whatsoever!!!

If this handy hint has helped you, send $10 to my Paypal account. The address is at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

Thank you, and goodnight :)

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