Comments on 2005-11-07 1104 Opinion: You know, I wouldn't mind MORE time if we didn't get so damned feeble toward the 90s. (If we're . . .

Immortal or invulnerable? If I could not die, I would do a great deal more damage. My road rage would be fulfilled. haha!

I would eventually rule the world and I would change a LOT of things.
Since I would be ruling the world, there would be no wars. None. It’s ALL my land and we’re going to use it and preserve it TOGETHER.
A freaking lot of resources would go to CURING illnesses, particularly those associated with children.
No one would ever have to fight with an insurance company ever again.
School children would be taught every religion and allowed to choose for themselves what they want to believe and no one would be persecuted for it.
And I would outlaw those danged teenage car radios that thump louder than everything around them. Ugh!

Oh, the list goes on, of course.
Would I live like I was going to die? Of course not. Should I? You betcha!

I probably wouldn’t change much really. LOL

Agnes 2005-11-07 13:23 UTC

Agnes….yer a meanie…LOL

I think I would get terribly bored if I knew that I was immortal. Imagine that you have no timelimit to strive for…no limits whatsoever…might be fun for a while and as a teenager I probably had a different view. But at this age…nah…after being so close to dying so many times I tend to value the time and also the limit that is set to it. I think we all take too much for granted as we do already.

christa 2005-11-07 14:11 UTC

You know, I wouldn’t mind MORE time if we didn’t get so damned feeble toward the 90s. (If we’re lucky enough to get there anyway.)

Funny – as a kid, I thought 30 was ancient. Now, no age is ancient. None of it is long enough.

I think I feel like there is not enough time to accomplish even some of the things I want to. A couple extra lifes wouldn’t piss me off. ;)

Agnes 2005-11-08 00:53 UTC

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