2005-11-08 0948 Writing: The Remington is finished, and it's . . .

The Remington is finished, and it’s here on The Grey Scribe. If you’re in the mood for a little Lovecraftian horror, read on!

The Grey Scribe (http://www.greyscri.be) is my new horror short story site. In the style of 365 Tomorrows, I’m going to post one horror short story a day. There’s one Modern and two Mythos stories there so far. I’ll try to write a Sci-Fi horror tomorrow to help fill the categories.

Comments on the stories are more than welcome, and if you’d like to contribute (save me writing one for that day :) ), just press New on the The Grey Scribe’s top bar, choose a category and start typing! There’s a link to the markup rules in the sidebar. The most recent story will appear on the front page, and all stories will appear in their category.


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