2005-11-08 0911 Fun: Too darned funny not to copy and paste. This by . . .

Too darned funny not to copy and paste. An oldie by TypeBrighter:

In episode 3 Ob1 says to Luke “Here is your fathers lightsaber, he wanted you to have it when you to have it when you were old enough but your uncle wouldn’t allow it”

here’s how I imagine it played out.

phone rings

Ob1 – hello
Vader – Is Ob1 there?
Ob1 – speaking
Vader – hey its, Anna- I mean Darth Vader.
Ob1 – oh shit did you live through that lava pit thing?
Vader- yeah but I’m more machine than man now.
Ob1 – ha ha yeah, sorry about that
Vader – anyway I noticed as my legs were melting off that you grabbed my lightsaber, and its cool I don’t need it back or anything cause its a blue one and I have a red one now but can you make sure my son gets that when he’s old enough.
Ob1 – Uhhhh what do you mean your son?
Vader – come on man, I’m the most powerful jedi in the galaxy I know that my son is alive
Ob1- Ok I’ll make sure he gets it
Vader – thanks dude
Ob1- alright talk to ya later.

and then when Ob1 tries to drop it off Lukes uncle basically utters some insult about him being a crazy old wizard and to get off his property before he beats him with a moisture hose.

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