2005-11-07 1507 Review: == All good things come. Sometimes, we don't even need to wait. == We all like things that are . . .

All good things come. Sometimes, we don’t even need to wait.

We all like things that are free, right? Some things are free-but-not-really, like those offers from book clubs that promise 5 free books in return for your soul, first born child and a commitment to buy 250 books a month at $15 each without fail.

Then there are things that are free-but-not-worth-it. “Free Windows upgrade” falls into that category, as does “free travel insurance” and “buy two tins of dogfood, get one free”. That last one is mainly because we don’t have a dog. You might think differently.

Some things though, are FREE in big, neon letters. The kind that makes people drop their babies in the rush to take the offer. “Free beer” is good for this, as is “free chocolate”. “Free sex” usually comes with a catch – usually marriage. Take it from me. That ain’t free.

Here’s one that will often get people down from the hills: “free domain registration”. Type that into google and you’ll quickly see why google has been broken by Evil Opportunists. Domain registration is rarely, if ever, free, and it’s usually not worth it too. I know. Been there, got burnt, bought the t-shirt.

Which is why this is kinda fun: http://www.nucleus.be are offering free .be domain registration for a year. The only catch is there’s a limit of 5 per customer. I’ve no idea what happens after 365 days have passed, but who cares, really. I’ve signed up, and…..well…..it worked! If you speak English (or are American – almost the same thing) – remember to click the Union Flag for your language otherwise you’ll be struggling in Dutch. That’s entertaining until you realise you’ve registered a domain with your company name as your firstname and you’ll forever be known as Mr Acme Toys Jones.

Nucleus offer URL cloaking and mail forwarding for free too, which means you@someplaceendingin.be will be forwarded to your correct email address, and http://www.someplaceendingin.be will go wherever you want it to. It’s unlimited too, so as well as you@…. you can have work@….., jamie@…. and thedog@….. too. Similarly, as well as www. you could set up blog., photos., etc too. Subdomain heaven!

When setting up the URL forwarding just remember to set up URL cloaking and a title as well. This hides the ‘real’ destination from the browser. Watch out though, because some services (notably Blog Explosion) don’t like URL cloaking. If you use this service and want to use that domain as your address for Blog Explosion, better not to cloak.

I’ve created http://www.greyscri.be/. The Grey Scribe is a collector of horror short stories. Please drop by, say hello and contribute.

If you’re tempted by the offer, here’s a handy list of all English words ending in -be for your perusal. All have gone as single words of course, but I’m sure you can think of some choice phrases……

abbe adobe ascribe babe bathrobe be bribe circumscribe cube describe diatribe globe imbibe inscribe lobe maybe prescribe probe proscribe robe scribe strobe subscribe transcribe tribe tube wardrobe

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