2005-11-06 0004 Tumblelog: == Made it to midnight == I noticed earlier today – I mean yesterday when I say today, as today . . .

Made it to midnight

I noticed earlier today – I mean yesterday when I say today, as today is really tomorrow now – that I had around 600 hits from folks using browsers at 800×600 resolution. I know my little piece of the ‘net looks terrible at that size, so decided to do something about it for the little guys. After all a hit is a hit, right? Also, I’d changed the way the headers are created so that the timestamp shows as well. This makes sorting a lot easier too, but meant the headers ought to take less prominence on the screen. They’re just placeholders, after all.

Also, I signed up for Chitika as well. It’s a way of making money like google’s AdSense program but seems to offer a higher success rate. That’s the ad over on the right hand bar. Each clickthrough earns money. Try it and see. Hey, thanks! Anyhows, that’s something else on the side, so the text stuff needed moving down a touch.

All in all, it was time for a serious StyleSheet shakeup. I’ve changed the link style, the way that the page is broken down, the spacings and the default font. All in all, the average user should see…….nothing much different :) But it does mean that more people can see the site properly, which is good. If you’re one of the people who’ve previously seen this site and thought “ick”, please let me know if the new StyleSheet works for you. Thanks in advance!

Hat tips for today:

  1. Opera for still being the only browser that scales text and graphics when you zoom a page, and having spell checking built into all edit boxes.
  2. Firefox for releasing RC1, making it faster and being the second best browser on the planet.
  3. Internet Explorer for being the standard by which all other browsers are superior.
  4. Colman’s for making yummy Honey Chicken sauce.
  5. StumbleUpon for making me laugh today of all days

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