Character generation

  1. Races from Core and RMC I only
  2. Classes from Core, RMC I, RMC II and RMC III are preferred. Unusual combinations must be justified in the backstory
  3. All races get d10 for Body Development dice
  4. Use the master skills table from RMC II supplemented by RMC III if those classes are used
  5. Background options can be taken from Core or RMC I. 1 roll on the tables from RMC I for one background point, or 2 rolls for 3 background points.
  6. Elves get +30 bonus to Stalk/Hide
  7. Halflings get +20 bonus to Throw


  1. Stat bonuses for skills ADD, not average
  2. All weapon skill (both melee and missile) stat bonuses are STR/AGI – ie, the total of your Strength and Agility stat bonuses
  3. Stalk/Hide bonus is the total of SD/AGI bonus


  1. Initiative is as per RMC III: Roll d10 for initiative, add (QUK bonus/5). Highest goes first
  2. Defensive Bonus = QUK bonus plus shield/second weapon bonus
  3. Manuever penalties for armour count against Moving Maneuvers only – Climb, Swim, Riding, etc. It does NOT deduct from DB or OB.
  4. Surprise is as per RMC III: Both sides roll Perception, if one side higher by more than 30, they have a free round before initiative is rolled.


  1. Power points = Base PP x Level. The Power Point Development skill adds additional points to Base PP – one per Skill Rank. For example, a third level Magician with 4 ranks of PPD and 95 Empathy has (2+4)x3 = 18 Power Points.
  2. Semi-spell users (Monk, Ranger and Bard) can choose their Realm freely. This affect which stat dictates their Power Points, and which Open Lists they have access to. The base lists remain the same. This will have a very large influence on the outlook of the character. For example, a Monk-Mentalist (Zen Monk) will have a very different perspective on life to a Monk-Channeler (Holy Monk).
  3. Essence wielders are penalized for wearing any armour
  4. Channeling wielders are penalized for wearing metal armour
  5. Mentalism wielders are penalized for wearing a helmet

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