2005-10-31 Writing: My entry for the [http://www.blurredline.com/blog/2005/10/weekly-writing-challenge_30.html Weekly . . .

My entry for the Weekly writing challenge at the Blurred Line Blog:

Part One

Day three in the Big Brother house, and the residents are set a new challenge.

“But this makes no sense at all,” groaned Carole. She was always the first to speak – and the last one too. She sat, her toes curled underneath on the huge red faux-leather couch, easily taking up three spaces while Jonesy – poor, small, weak Jonesy knelt on the floor.

“Look,” replied Sam. She exuded more masculinity than the three men in the House put together, and all bowed to her natural leadership. “If it say this is what we have to do, then that’s the challenge. We just have to choose someone.”

Jonesy spoke, “I’ll do it.” Silence settled around the room as the hidden cameras panned from one face to another, refocusing on each face in turn, taking in their reactions.

Carole stood and walked across to the kitchenette. She didn’t feel comfortable so close to Jonesy now. She needed space.

“Who’s it going to be then, Jonesy?” Her voice was quieter, more cautious.

Jonesy smiled. “I’ll choose my own victim. You won’t know who until body is found.”

Break for adverts.

Part Two

Cut back from adverts, the Big Brother logo fades into a shot of the garden.

Carole is sunbathing, topless, her hands massaging oil onto her flat stomach. The ratings – and her popularity – rise.

“Anyone seen Sam?” asked Toni. He sauntered over and took the lounger beside Carole.

She looked around. “She can’t go far, can she?” She smiled. “Big Brother says if we want to use the shower, now’s the time. The camera’s faulty in there.”

Carole stretched, collecting her towel in one smooth movement. She wrapped it around her legs, knowing the cameras would follow her glistening body every step of the way. She intended to win.

The shower door opened with more force than she expected, knocking her back a step as a smooth pool of blood began to seep across the green floor. A force behind the door pushed it wider as a leg then a torso came into view, jeans and shirt a mass of bloody pulp, more a carcass than a once human body.

Cut to adverts.

Part Three

“And in the news today, the popular reality show Big Brother hits the highest rating ever with the murder of one of its contestants. As corporate lawyers argue the legality regarding this case, Carole King looks set to win on her discovery of the body of 24 year old Patrick Jones in the shower cubicle last night. Samantha O’Heinon was taken into custody after saying she had completed the Challenge successfully. Big Brother has confirmed the remaining residents will receive their extra allowance of food and alcohol, and Miss O’Heinon is expected to rejoin them later today after her release on police bail. The next challenge is expected to take place at 10pm tonight. Next news at 9.”

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